HAPAS approved by the bba
manhole reinstatment system
Ultracrete's BBA/HAPAS Approved Manhole Reinstatement System

Star Performance from Ultracrete's BBA/HAPAS Approved Reinstatement System!


Ultracrete's BBA/HAPAS Approved Manhole Reinstatement System continues to be the system of choice for leading highways contractors, local authorities and utility suppliers across the UK and Ireland, for the installation of ductile ironwork.

The system comprises of bedding mortars that meet HA104 specification and the renowned Instant Road Repair cold lay asphalt concrete that meets HAPAS Approval for 1st time permanent repairs to footways, cycle tracks and class 3 & 4 carriageways. Ultracrete's proven and certified system exceeds the minimum requirements for such repair works and gives the benefit of a fast-track repair...the area can be opened to traffic in just 1 hour - minimising road closure costs and excessive delays.

Ultracrete's M60 Rapid Set manhole frame and bedding mortar conforms to the Department of Transport Design Manual for Roads and Bridges HD 27/94 Vol 7 Sec 2. It achieves a compressive strength of 22N/mm2 in just one hour and 38N/mm2 in two hours!! It is ideal for installing street ironwork as well as bonding setts and flags, carrying out emergency repairs and bedding kerbs.

The system also includes Envirobed HA104, the environmentally friendly bedding mortar alternative to resin-based materials containing recycled glass! Envirobed HA104 has an excellent track record and to date, has endured over 10 years of exhaustive trials with zero failures - giving you the assurance associated with using a proven, established product. It complies with, and exceeds, the HA104 requirements adopted by the National Roads Authority, DRD Roads Service and Department of Transport, and achieves a superior compressive strength of 51N/mm2 and a tensile strength of 5.8N/mm2 in just 3 hours, providing significant resistance to heavy trafficking and manhole frame deflection.

Ultracrete's QC10 F Rapid Set Flowable Grout is also HAPAS approved as part of the system. This flowable formula offers a faster strength gain, achieving >20N/mm2 after 90 minutes, an improved shrinkage profile and virtually eliminates voids. QC10 F is an ideal solution for carriageway ironwork backfill, thick section repairs, haunching reinstatements and post and barrier erection. It is important to remember that concretes are designed for thick section repairs and should have never be used as a bedding mortar.

Ultracrete's BBA/HAPAS Approved Manhole System helps to vastly reduce costs by allowing roads to be open for traffic within 60 minutes. It offers the contractor a minimum life service of 5 years, with no risk of split liability. All components offer excellent workability, and, where appropriate, impressive tensile and compressive strengths! Make it your system of choice!

For more information on Ultracrete's BBA/HAPAS Approved Manhole Reinstatement System, call 01827 871871 or visit www.ultracrete.co.uk

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