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Are England's roads 'shocking'?

Sky News Reports England's Roads as 'Shocking'


A recent SKY news report has described England's roads as 'shocking'.

Ther Isle of Wight is top of this unfortunate list, with North Lincolnshire a close second, with 47% of its roads needing work.  The City of London and Nottingham were next.

GMB Union Spokesperson, Bert Schouwenburg thinks that repairs aren't being carried out, and blames constant and frequent 'patching'.

Ultracrete has reported many times that our recent spate of harsh winters are certainly one of the main culprits.  The frost does a lot of damage, thanks to the 'freeze-thaw' cycle.  The recurrence of potholes, and the need to constantly return to re-repair, can be due to lower quality materials being used.  Cold lay asphalt products that are water-cured, for example, are not flexible.  UK roads are made from flexible materials, so surely a pothole repair product needs to be flexible along with them?

Our Permanent Pothole Repair is a flexible 3mm grade cold lay aspahlt (macadam) that is ideal for pothole repair.  It is the first ever to receive HAPAS approval as a pothole repair material.  When used with SCJ spray seal & tack coat it means a permanent and durable repair...fact.

Also available is our renowned Ultracrete Instant Road Repair®.  A tried, tested and, most importantly, proven product that has stood the test of time, not on paper, but in the ground.  It is also HAPAS approved, independantly, and as part of our Manhole Reinstatement System.

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