alternative reinstatement material, soil stabiliser, reduced landfill
STEP 1: Hole Excavation

alternative reinstatement material, soil stabiliser, reduced landfill
STEP 2: Mix Perma Soil with Excavated Spoil

alternative reinstatement material, soil stabiliser, reduced landfill
STEP 3: Fill Hole with Perma-Soil/Spoil Mixture - this example shows an overhead pole that was stable and climbed the following day

Perma-Soil UK Ltd

Instarmac is pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Perma-Soil UK Limited.

Developed by the US Military to speed up the stabilisation of soils during emergency airstrip construction in remote regions of the world, Perma-Soil Soil Stabiliser (Alternative Reinstatement Material) has been helping municipalities, highway departments and utility companies throughout America save millions of dollars annually on construction costs for over a decade. By increasing the load bearing ability of excavated soil, Perma-Soil helps relieve compaction and moisture problems, making quick work of reinstatement or backfill operations after utility excavations, repairing potholes in roadways and setting overhead poles.

Perma-Soil enables construction crews to use excavated soil for backfill, eliminating the need to haul away spoil or transport purchased backfill materials to the job site. On jobs such as Water Meter installations, fire hydrant replacements, joint bays and overhead pole erections, Perma-Soil turns spoil into usable backfill within minutes. Perma-Soil's stabilising action provides a string sub-base for excavations in footpaths and roads. Perma-Soil also stabilises and improves the soil strength when erecting utility poles to discourage shifting or movement. Because backfill treated with Perma-Soil remains permeable to water, rot and freezing problems are also avoided.

Instarmac introduce ULTRACRETE Perma-Soil - a soil stabiliser and alternative reinstatement material.  ULTRACRETE Perma-Soil:

  • Recycles excavated spoil
  • Improves sub-base stability and reduces voids
  • Significantly reduces landfill and aggregate taxes
  • Eliminates the use of virgin aggregate
  • Reduces transport costs
  • Increases productivity
  • When used in conjunction with SCJ and Instant Road Reapir, offers a permanent first time solution
  • Meet the requriements of the Utility WRAP Agreement

To visit Perma-Soil UK go to http://www.permasoiluk.com/